1.To provide qualitative education to the students coming from the rural and hilly areas of Satara district.<hr>

2. To inculcate discipline among the students in terms of sincerity, regularity, punctuality and to develop them into socially responsible citizens.

3. To inculcate values like self-esteem, social equality, national integration, secularism and brotherhood by organizing various activities in the college.

4. To promote among the students the value of dignity of labour by making them work for the community.

5. To provide a platform to the students giving them opportunity to face the challenges of the competitive world-with utmost utilization of their potentials in academic events and sports.

6. To remove the sense of inferiority complex among the students coming from rural area and from socially and economically weaker sections of society and to instill confidence in them so that they make progress academically and socially as well.

7. To provide adequate facilities and guidance to the aspiring students to prepare for competitive examinations.

8. To provide special attention to ladies welfare programmes.

9. To build communicative competence in the students by providing them enough exposure through various competitions.

10. To develop the creative writing ability of the students by way of publishing wall-paper and college annual magazine.

11. To honour and inspire meritorious students by awarding prizes and scholarships.

12. To provide opportunities to the teaching and non- teaching staff to acquire higher qualification.

13. To promote teachers to participate in State, National and International Conferences, Workshops and Seminars