# Name of Faculty Research Project Title Amount Name of Funding Agency Status
1 Dr. D. B .Gaikwad सोलापूरी बोली भाषेचा भाषा शास्त्रीय अभ्यास 115000 UGC Completed
2 Prof. R. B. Satpute Policy of first Madhavrao Peshwa Regarding Karnataka in South India 60000 UGC Completed
3 Prof. V. A. Pawar Utilisation of Rural Public Health Service in Satara 45000 UGC Completed
4 Prof. S.N. Kamble मैत्रेयी पुष्पा के साहित्य मे शिक्षा समस्याए 90000 UGC Completed
5 Prof. R. M. Ghadage The Problems and Prospects of Rural Industry in Satara 45000 UGC Completed
6 Dr. R. K. Chavan Watershed Management of Sustainable Rural Development 110000 UGC Completed
7 Prof. J. I. Momin Scholastic and Co-Scholastic Life Skills Development Activities in schools in Satara 110000 UGC Completed
8 Prof. G. G. Katkar सरदार परशुरामभाऊ पटवर्धन यांचे कर्नाटक विषयक धोरण 90000 UGC Completed
9 Prof. R. P. Chetiwal An Analytical Study of Entrepreneurship Development Among Women in Satara District 105000 UGC Completed
10 Dr. U. M. Lokhande A Study of Market Analysis of Domestic Solar Water Heater with Special Reference to Satara 120000 UGC Completed